Artist Statement

Having worked most of my life in ornamental horticulture and landscape design, much of my art has a botanical theme.  Upon retirement, I returned to college to study art and was surprised to find that sculpture appeals  to me more than painting.  Welded metal sculpture has become my medium.

Initially I created  whimsical sculptures for the garden, but gradually began to allow my previous career in plants to inform my art.  The first pieces were purely decorative, but then I began to think about meaning.  Perhaps the best art, like good poetry, offers a mirror to the viewer, so that depending on who she is, her particular meaning will be disciphered.  In deference to this aspiration,  I am presently exploring the analogical use of plants in religion and philosophy.  

In regard to these subjects, I am beginning at the beginning.  Mankind’s addiction to blame and guilt purportedly  began in the garden of Eden with Eve and Adam eating the  infamous fruit from the tree of knowledge.   Philosophers have since employed metaphors generated from the nature of plants:  germination, growth, blooming,  propagation, fruiting and fruitfulness.  Finally, decay and how it opens the opportunity for rebirth is another  common theme.  There is so much here  to explore with my art.   Philosophy and religion are rich with botanical analogies between the workings of nature and those of humanity.  One of my first sculptures with this theme is "The End of Guilt and Blame"